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And, truth be told, Linn’s Frank Tripp gets all the best lines.

For all of the sometimes stereotypical characters this show presents, I’ve cometo love and appreciate their differences.

She claims that she was coerced into stating that she witnessed the killing from her living room by the assistant state’s attorney and a young Officer Jesse Cardoza.

After re-interviewing the witness Louise Russo, Eric discovers that the written statement differs from what he has been told. Russo claims that she trusted Jesse’s word, he wouldn’t have let her make such a mistake.

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Although she seems to have a knack for choosing the wrong man, her love life appears to have taken a turn for the better now that she is involved with her colleague Eric Delko. No worries, we've put together a handy guide with descriptions of each of the main characters to help viewers get better acquainted with this excellent forensic drama series.As a former homicide detective, Horatio leads the team with his knowledge of the inner workings of the anatomy of a crime before it heads to the lab for dissection.Calleigh is great, because she’s a blonde Southern belle who knows and likes guns, takes her job way too seriously, and has to deal with an alcoholic father.Hunky Eric Delko (Adam Rodriguez) is a Cuban underwater recovery expert who learns his dad is actually a Soviet, the very man who put a hit on him. If you’re okay with guys who are less hunky and noirish, also prone to wearing pastel ties with jeans and to gambling problems, Ryan Wolfe (Jonathan Togo) is your guy.

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