Ball jar dating

Some historians suggest that the term "white lightning" may have been inspired not only from the effect of ingesting homemade corn whiskey but by the name of the jars the whiskey was frequently stored in.

One of their feature articles takes an in-depth look at an extremely popular vintage item–canning jars.

Jars carrying this embossing, often with other monograms, numbers, letters, etc., were widely produced until about 1920. The identities of many actual manufacturers are unknown.

Lightning jars represent an important advancement in the history of home canning and are still a part of American culture.

I learned a while back that the numbers on the bottoms of most jars have nothing to do with their age.

I have several quart sized jars that I use regularly as vases, especially during summer months.Hundreds of specific historic bottles are used as examples within the pages of this website to illustrate the concepts discussed; with luck you may find the specific bottle you have an interest in discussed though typically you will not.Sponsored Products are advertisements for products sold by merchants on Half the lids have a bit of rust spots and others are perfect. One Im going to paint and send to a blogger friend, she has promoted me several times on her blog, And she bought mason jars from me! Its one of my favorite style jars, they are a bit more square with ribs.They still had the paper seal protectors, Ive never seen those till this buy! I dont know if they even make the brass lids anymore or with all its ‘fancy’ stuff on the lids. Sheesh, all these questions, you’d think Im writing a book..?

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