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Strikingly in the study, 16 percent of Americans with post-graduate degrees reported they have no confidants, up from just one percent in 1985.The study generated a lot of criticism and comments for its methodology.Unfortunately dating apps offer a quick fix of false intimacy, which can become addictive to people who are feeling lonely.Yet the cause of loneliness doesn't always come from being alone, it comes from a lack of deep and meaningful relationships, which take time and can't realistically be built on a foundation of pouting selfies and sexting.person that you’re probably not gonna end up dating: Brandon Scott Wolf, a 25-year-old bartender/comedian from Brooklyn, who launched the site as a dating service for one.

The single men of the world are literally at your fingertips. Which is totally fine…IF you’re content being on your own through life.

,” it’s clear that feeling lonely is a regular part of the human condition.

The American Sociological Association reported on the prevalence of loneliness in in a 2009 survey, which found that an increasing number of Americans feel they have no one to talk to about the most important issues in their lives.

We will always feel alone and abandoned when we are abandoning ourselves.

We will also feel lonely when we are abandoning ourselves, because when we are not connected with ourselves, we cannot connect with another.

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