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'If Canonical gets this data, it will be forced to hand it over to various governments.'; 2.

I think one topic about peoples experiences with other OSes and other linux distros is well needed. Sometimes I make it all the way, sometimes it takes me 6 trys. I accually didnt use it long enough to recommend it or not as I deleted it and installed ubuntus grub again so I could see ubuntu and XP.

First of all, when I install it, right away there's nothing on the screen except a recycling bin.

However, I don't think they're going to let you keep the originals that you took (eg top four on that page).

There is always something to have to consider when bringing an app into Cygwin that is not part of the Cygwin distro.

For me often it wont start up, almost gets there then restarts. As with all linux versions its bad at anything under 1024*768.

Bad ;) Windows XP - This is much better then ME to me though it is definitally not worth 130$. I tried it again and it worked but it didnt show ubuntu or XP with the mepis grub. Into the OS, I did very much like how I could click on a and it would install. Mepis seemed to have a nice set of programs but I didnt like the fact it used KDE. KDE normally has many programs for one job as in mepis had 3 text editors.

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