Dating in denver

Or he wears cargo pants and a “Keep Calm and Chive On” t-shirt.

The Sobro Bro is in complete denial of his bro-ness.

Denver locals are known for being laid back and relaxed.

Yoga is another big reason for this calm, centered attitude, so if a long day has got you stressed, a date with your Denver man or woman will definitely help you chill.

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But locals are just as happy to spend an evening drinking Coors, as long as they’re with you.

Nestled against the majestic Rockies, Denver blends edgy with elegant, melding the charm of the Wild West with the chic urban class of a major metropolis to deliver an inspiring backdrop for romance.

Glorious vistas invite Broncos fans to tame bucking whitewater rapids and dash down powdery slopes, while comfortable pubs and quaint boutiques beckon the down-to-earth to kick back and relax.

Sure it might be a little outside Denver, but locals have co-opted it as their own.

And lucky you, when you date someone from the area you get to go to the stunning, wondrous, every-amazing-adjective Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

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